What to do with 18% fat?


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Nov 24, 2021
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hello friends, I'm just starting this sport. My height is 171cm and my weight is 72 kg and my fat ratio is around 18% as I calculated on the internet, in this case, should a beginner's path be clean bulk first or should he enter the definition? When I look online, it says that my ideal weight is around 66kg, and 76kg and above, I'm in the overweight class, but the body I want is not actually a lean and thin body, but a slightly fat muscular body, I think it suits a man more, of course, when I take my height into account, I guess to be a huge man. it makes me look squat, what would be the advice of experienced friends, should I lose weight? how much weight should i lose? Or should I keep my weight stable or start increasing my weight? thanks in advance
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